an embracing, inclusive church gathering in \"third spaces\" across Nashville



WELL_HOUSE is an ancient/future strategy to bring culture, business, discipleship, and mission together in a bold vision to re-imagine what it means to be the church. This begins with a Christ-centered, missional, discipling community who gathers regularly for worship & communion with God & one another. WELL_HOUSE is a communal intersection of life, beauty, justice, & compassion where all are welcomed, respected, & included.

a church in a coffeehouse or in a bar?

Well47We are committed to meeting at the intersections of culture and community.  Some call these intersections “third spaces.” Two of our gatherings meet at The Well Coffeehouses and the other will soon be meeting in a taproom in a brewery in Nolensville.

always open

WELL_HOUSE is an ongoing opportunity for discipleship for anyone and is OPEN to all.  It serves as a natural, gathering place for believers and nonbelievers alike.   Interaction between believers and nonbelievers is natural and not forced or manipulative.  Jesus is never “pushed” upon anyone but embodied through relationship.


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