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We believe that Community is one of the most important ways that we can truly feel connected to the church body. Core Groups exist to create the space necessary to build long, lasting relationships and to grow in Christ. We believe there are four elements that all Core Groups should possess.

Our Core Groups consist of four pillars that we believe are essential for true community and connection to occur:

  1. Community– We actually believe this element is the most important. We desire and are built for community. Relationships are the key to us experiencing God in a deeper way. We want you to get into each others lives. Ask questions, support each other, love each other well.
  2. Prayer– The word of God says, “Where two or more are gathered in My Name, I am there with them.” Matthew 18:20. Praying together, bearing one another’s burdens is important and necessary. When we are together we will pray together and for one another.
  3. Study– We believe that growing together starts with being in the word. While this element is no more or less important than the other three, it is important. We want you to open the Word of God and dive into increasing your understanding. Whether by diving into a book of the bible, discussing this week’s sermon, or studying a specific biblical principle, getting into the word together is huge.
  4. Food– something happens when people talk around a dinner table or sitting by each other eating in the living room. Community grows when we sit together to eat. So whether you are having a full dinner, snacking on appetizers, or having a potluck-food will create the space for conversations and ultimately connection to happen.