Love Letters from Abba Father

Love Letters from Abba Father

February 10, 2019

Dear Children,

I am writing you today because, in some ways, you may have forgotten how much I love you.  Look around, do you see the stars in the sky?  Do you see the greatest heights of the mountains?  Do you see the beauty in the ocean?  All of this was created for you.  I love you more than all the stars in the sky.  My love for you is deeper than the depth of the ocean, and it is stronger than any hurricane force wind.  I have always loved you. Before I spun all of this into existence, “I Loved You”.  There is nothing that can separate my love for you. NOTHING.  When you run away, I will always run after you. When you quit listening to my voice, I will speak louder to get your attention.  I cannot, nor will I, ever stop loving you.  I love you so much I gave my life for you as a living sacrifice that you would see the magnitude of my love for you. 

-Abba Father

February 17, 2019

Dear Beloved,

I am writing you because I want you to see love how I see love. Love is an action. It goes. It stays. It cries. It prays. It cheers. It listens. It learns. It changes position. Love is enthusiastically serving me and each other. Love is continual joy. Love is taking interest in the needs of others. It is life-giving, humble and blesses those who hurt you. I have loved you long before you were alive. My love for you is an example of how I wish you would love one another. Just a small act of love can change your life.

-Abba Father

March 3, 2019

My Children, I

You are my bride and I am your bridegroom.  There are many reasons I express our relationship this way.  Mainly, it is because I love marriage.  My design for marriage is perfect.  I have weaved Godly marriage into all creation, and it has purpose.  I designed  marriage to be between a man and a woman.  There are many people that will choose a different way and many choices you will hear of.  My sons and daughters, keep my design pure.  My ways are higher than your ways.  Do not let pure love leave you, bind it in your heart.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  I have given you free will, but choose wisely.  Do not let desire or emotions dictate what you chose.  Follow my instructions and you will see that my perfect design for you will bring you a life full of joy.  I love you my bride, my church, submit to my ways and you will find abundant life.  I loved you before you knew me, while you were still a sinner.  My bride, you must love those that do not know me the same way I loved you.  I love marriage because I created it so that a man would not be alone, but would be united with his wife.  I made her to be with him. 

-Abba FatherP


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