Rebuild the Temple

Rebuild the Temple

Rebuild the temple.

That quiet place where things are simple.

Just you and God, God and you

No distractions, nothing to do.

Brick by brick replacing what was once destroyed

Gotta act quick no longer unemployed

You see, the temple is the most important place

Where you and God meet face to face

Rebuild the temple

Refocus on God, it’s monumental

You see, life is full of distractions

Making money and silly transactions

But what if we were to start a shift

This nation getting a new face lift.

This is the start of something great

Yeah, these are the highest of stakes.

Rebuild the temple

Back to a relationship, fundamental

Yeah Haggai and Nehemiah

Across the nations, ignite the fire

Burning brighter than ever before

An entire nation completely reborn.

A holy place to praise the LordIt’s time to go back to that Holy Sword

Rebuild the temple.