Short Cut

Short Cut

I took the short cut

And all I got was cut short.

You see,

The clear path began to distort.

Straight lines became blurred

Yeah all my words started to slur.

Treasure is what I seek

But what I got in return was bleak

Thoughts became violent


relationships silent…


No true home…

The seed had been sewn,

but the roots didn’t take.

Darkness abides in the short cut

I can’t see,

yeah, what a mess up

Sink deeper and deeper

Medicate the pain

One with the darkness.

Can I sleep forever?

Awake again,

But why?

I thought I removed myself.

Is this a sign?

All the pain rushes back in,

all the guilt on accounts of my sin

Forgive me…

Oh God Forgive me.

“Let go of the pain”

A life restored again

Sell my life for the true treasure

Yeah I give with pleasure

Fight for the good

protect what I have understood.

Till up my heart

Just like at the start.

A new season

Yeah no more treason.

You see,

I took the short cut

But never again will I get cut short

My Mom